Welcome to Skunk.co.uk

Please do not be alarmed - we are about to launch a brand new shop! Skunk.co.uk has not changed ownership, or anything like that (& if you already have an order with us, it will be on its way). We've simply decided it's time to make things bigger, better and more efficient for you, the customer.

The Skunk website will be down for approximately a week and then we'll be relaunching with a vastly improved shop system and larger, expanded range of Cannabis seeds / Skunk seeds.

The new shop will be taking orders from all international destinations and accepting credit card payments - we are also introducing full UK & international order-tracking.

If you have any urgent questions during this time, please email i_have_an_urgent_question@skunk.co.uk.

We look forwards to welcoming you back soon. In the meantime, please do visit the Skunk forums where it is business as usual...

The Skunk.co.uk team